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Social movements used to be so difficult to get started and maintain… This used to be the sediment in regards to previous social movements, today it is a different story. Zimmerman explains in Documenting Dreams how the success of the dream act stemmed from the use of digital media technologies. It was such a cool read to hear the importance that digital media and literacies have played in the constant struggle of immigration reform.

I feel that the next big reform is the prison industrial movement and its abolishment. There is a large community on Twitter that is talking about these issues and are engaging on developing a strategy to end the unjust prison system in the United States. As a future social studies teacher, I want my children to engage and make their voice heard on something that they are passionate about.

My question is how do we effectively teach students in a way that their voice is heard and valued in the constant stream of information? I pose this question not to gain a direct answer but rather to stir myself to write and engage in a way where my own voice on these issues can be heard, thus being able to teach these important skills to a future class.

So to those who are already educators, what are good ways of accomplishing this in the educational space?