Mid-Quarter Reflection

Your sense of yourself a learner at the beginning of the quarter and now, as evidenced by your growing independence and agency in pursuing Your Question.  What has been most unsettling to you in what we’ve learned?  What is most intriguing?

At the beginning of the quarter I thought that I knew all the platforms necessary for teaching online, i.e. Canvas. But I quickly I discovered that there are so many different tools that you can use to teach online. Further that canvas limits the availability of  students to engage outside of the classroom and keeps education, school dependent, rather than teaching teens to be school independent and thus life long learners.

The most unsettling thing that I have learned is about the quality and accuracy of material that is available online. This was scary at the beginning but through instruction and readings, such as Rheingold, I have learned strategies to help myself and thus my students navigate the surplus of information that is available and learn how discern the accuracy of such information. You can read about the CRAP, that I learned by reading a recent blog here.

The most intriguing and captivating thing that I have learned is the curation tool. One of the hardest things I think one of the major issues educators face is knowing if the student has actually read the work. This tool has equipped me to be able to see the engagement of the student with the text beyond assuming that they have read it. I can hop onto the text and see what areas the students are interested in or what they do not understand before class even starts. This will help me structure my class time better and help clear up issues that all students might be having with the text. I am so excited to use this tool in my own classroom!

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