Learning to: Fail

At least three examples of Quality Fails and what you learned from them.

Some of the fails consist of creating this page, I didn’t realize that I had a wordpress account already and it kept asking for my password associated with the email. I was so frustrated because I thought someone had created a wordpress with my email. So I reset the password to find out I had a blog that I started years ago. It was funny and sad that I had a blog with 2 postings on it and I didn’t even remember that I had one previously.

Another fail that I have ran into is because I run my companies twitter account, there are multiple times that I have posted from Tweetdeck my postings for the week and then a few minutes later I realize once someone had commented on it from columbia that I posted it on the wrong account.

Finally unrelated to this course, I am creating a website for the church plant that I am a part of. I have learned so much about square space and how to format and code items. I am so stretched and I fail daily while I am developing the website. One specific fail was, I was just starting the page and picking out a template to work off of, well I accidentally made the page go live and the church’s website was the template I had chosen – showcasing thai food for the whole day until later on when I was able fix this link and put up a temporary landing page.

This is also one of my failures. I am trying to publish this page and add it into my menu but I can’t find how to do that… I am sure I will figure this out.


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