Learning to: Blog

Reflect on your growth as a blogger. How has your writing become more interesting to your audience? How have you gotten better at generating comments?  Link to the two posts that you wrote that shows most evidence of your own learning and constructive thinking out loud.   Link to two comments that you made on the posts of others  that shows that you were influential in shaping others’ learning.

I started a blog a long time ago and could never keep it up to date. I didn’t know how to gain an audience or how to develop content. I feel that I have grown in my abilities to blog as I have used more of the creative style in my writing instead academic pros. I take complex ideas that the text is presenting and bring it to real life application in the classrooms.

I have gotten better at generating comments and I have learned how to engage on these comments in a more substantive manner. Valuing each comment and taking time to creatively respond to each comment. I think this is a very important part of developing a blog is to really engage with every reader. On

One thing that I want to do is develop more multimedia in the blog posts to better show the audience what I am talking about rather then just relying them to read fully through my blog. A good blog would have multimedia engagement, especially if it is for students. One thing that I want to start implementing as I have noticed on other blogs is to write out a question in the blog to engage the audience more thoughtfully.

Here are the blogs that I think are my best ones:

Crap, Crap, and more Crap: I think that the title and content are the most creative and engaging with the audience.

Are Digital Relationships Not Real?: Here I start with a question and then give my answer to the audience. What I think I could have done better is finding more concrete example of digital relationships that have both failed and excelled, pulling from more sources than just the course text.

Thinking About Social Movements: This blog ties in both the course thoughts with something that I am passionate about, social movements. I engaged more of my own passions with this blog post and I really enjoyed writing it.


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