The Black Internet?

Would you have thought that there is such a thing as the black internet? A community of and subsection of the internet that people who are black associate with each other. At the same time there is the white internet that gazes upon the black internet and draw clear distinctions between the two realms. This is exemplified in the article, Poor Meme, Rich Meme where the intersectionality discourse of how memes show the differences that exists between the black body and and white body. Further this article points out that there incredible injustice perpetrated by the white community through the white gaze of these memes, “through the aggressive circulation of videos that document black death or violence in general against black people. These videos proliferate alongside memes, brushing up against each other on the same platforms. Further, black death and black joy are pinned to each other by the white gaze, and if we see their intersection anywhere” (Dean).

I urge you to read the full article by Dean, Poor Meme, Rich Meme.

My question that arise is how can these injustices be better attended to? Further what ways could this knowledge be useful in the classroom and how do we teach students their ethical responsibility to stand up for injustice online?


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