Hey guys,

So this week I just took over my workplace’s twitter account because the general manager was struggling to get people engaged in the content. I had to explain to him the difference between twitter and facebook and that twitter is for networking and connecting with people. It isn’t as concerned with your individual post. But I am excited to be taking over it and using the strategies and techniques that I learn in this class on not only my personal but my companies page. Here is my shameless plug to follow my company (even if it just for a little while).  Follow Columbia Athletic Club – Silver Lake here!



3 thoughts on “Took over my workplace’s twitter

  1. What a great opportunity to try out some of the things you’ve learned so far in this class! I’d be really interested to hear how the experience went and what you have learned by doing a business Twitter versus a personal one. I used to manage the Twitter for the art gallery I worked at and it’s very different to try to engage people for a business than for personal interest.

    What did you learn by doing this and what has surprised you or not surprised you?


  2. I love that you are able to take what we have bent talking about and practicing your own use of digital literacy on your own social media but your works as well. Using a work account may have different interactions or feedbacks so I think you should write a blog post in the future on how things were the same or how they were different. May be interesting?! (:


  3. This is awesome that you got the opportunity to take over your workplace twitter. This is a cool learning opportunity to see how a personal twitter is different from a workplace one if their is any difference at all. When they offered it to you were you excited about taking it over, or were you a little nervous? its a big deal to post stuff that goes along with the company as a whole.


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