Learning to use WordPress

As part of a class assignment for BEDUC 476, we were asked to create a blog space on a preferred platform. I was hesitant to start a blog because to be honest whenever I have started one in the past, I get one or two posts in, and then I forget about it, run out of time, or simply do not have anything interesting to say. I opened up WordPress and started to create a blog, I had gotten to the point where you have to create an account – so I entered my email address. All of a sudden WordPress asked me if I already had an account, and instantly I was reminded of the blog that I started last year. You can check it out here! I instantly remembered why I started the blog, and that is for the joy of writing! I love to write, and to express myself in creative writing styles.

All this to say, I am excited to begin blogging again and curating a site of my theory and written analysis along the way.


2 thoughts on “Learning to use WordPress

  1. So glad to hear you love writing! Me too, and it made blogging one of the aspects of this class that I liked the most. I think you’ll find that there is a lot to write about each week!

    I’m looking forward to seeing how you like the “writing” that is done on Twitter, as it can be much more limiting but also more creative. See you on Twitter!


    1. I am getting so many ideas for my high school classroom that I will one day have with this class! I think that my students will be creating blogs because they are just so much fun and engaging way for students to connect content throughout subject areas!

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